Ceremony Types

My backyard for an elopement ceremony

There are many different types of ceremonies to consider. It can be solemn and dignified or as fun and creative as you wish it to be. Your ceremony can speak from your heart and reflect to your family, friends and community who you are. You deserve to have your essence conveyed at your wedding. Here is a sample of the services provided for a wedding ceremony.

v Traditional wedding- The ceremony with the white dress and wording that most of us are familiar with. Some reference to religion or God.

v Romantic wedding- The theme of the vows will focus on the topics of love and commitment rather than religion or God.

v Elopement- Whether it is last minute, or you just wish for it to be private and confidential. My home is available for this service. During the summer I have a beautiful area in my yard with Mt Rainier as your backdrop as seen in picture above. Witnesses can be provided for a nominal charge if needed.

v Vow Renewal- Whether you are commemorating an important milestone or just want to publically re-commit to your relationship. This ceremony can be the ceremony you always wanted!

v Commitment Ceremony- A celebration of the mutual commitment of two people without changing their legal status or involving government agencies.

v Blending Family Ceremony- Include your children in this ceremony. Follow the link for a wonderful article about the importance of including your children.